Life expressed through the remains of art.
The latest extreme work by world-renowned photographer Antoine d’Agata.
Following his sold-out success work “Antibodies”, Aka Ana (lit. red hole) is the latest series by French photographer Antoine d’Agata. It was borne out of the special relationship between the artist and Japan, and took several years to create.
Piercing the whole story are the words whispered to him by one of Japanese girls he used in the series, conjuring imagery of genitalia or the Japanese flag: “I am a hole.”
Desperate pursuits; the madness and violence that sustain human life. Taking pictures is always a limitless chase to go on, and on, doomed to failure.
Overcoming the boundaries between images and words, always pushing ahead, further and further. Here, the impure relationship between life and photograph, and the unfair connection between photographer and subject are highlighted to an intense degree.
Pictures grow like an amoeba, and e-mails, hundreds of them, become like an ocean.
Young women, each in tragic situations. Essential power. Beauty. Poetry and philosophy, abandoning all norms. Aka Ana - d’Agata’s greatest masterpiece to date.
— from the publisher’s statement
Antoine d'Agata
AKA ANA (2017)
Akaaka Art Publishing Inc.
first edition
width x height
220 mm x 291 mm
€ 94 (excluding shipping)
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