I am on my way to a hospital to see my father, gazing at the scenery from a train window.

Houses passing by are lit up in the darkness.

Now I know I can't attain what I really want in life.

All has disintegrated and all is gone.

I walk along a dark corridor, and enter a dimly lit hospital room.

Under a wan fluorescent light, I meet “father”, a small, skinny man who has lost his self.

He watches the arrival of my presence, and a wordless dialogue begins.

Around him are a few other men, homunculi who can barely keep their eyes open, or are otherwise sleeping in silence, all at their wits' end, waiting for the arrival of death.

From the afterword by Naoki Fuse

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Naoki Fuse
Mirror and a Bonfire (2015)
Zen Foto Gallery
Limited edition of 500
width x height
190 mm x 257 mm
€ 52 (excluding shipping)
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