B02 François Laxalt - Senbazuru: Bookshop Exhibition

26 March - 1 May 2022 

"I will write peace on your wings and you will fly around the world to carry this message.”
- Sadako Sasaki


The book shop exhibition of French photographer François Laxalt's serie 'Senbazuru' is connected to Tsuchida's Hiroshima series. It is also very fitting for the current difficult times given the war in Ukraine.

In Japanese, 'Senbazuru' stands for the art of making one thousand paper cranes in origami. The legend says that the person who makes one thousand paper cranes is granted one wish by the Gods. 

Sadako Sasaki was 2 years old during the bombing of Hiroshima. Nine years later, she was diagnosed with leukemia. From her hospital bed, she began making paper cranes in the hopes of reaching one thousand so that the gods would eventually heal her. She went about her task using all available paper -- notebook paper, gift wrap, toilet paper -- anything she could get her hands on. At her 644th crane, she died. Upon hearing the sad news, her classmates decided to finish the Senbazuru. After completing the 1000th crane they buried her with her wish. 


In 36 images Laxalt has photographed 1000 cranes. He has created a still frame of a very peaceful moment. He tracks the birds who are active participants in a zen-like dance in the sky. The cranes create playful patterns, like musical notes that move and change with each flap of their wings. A selection of Laxalt's works will be exhibited on the walls in our book shop.


Quel est votre voeu? / What's your wish?