B05 Margaret Lansink - Friction: Bookshop Exhibition

24 September - 13 November 2022 

‘Life is a process of eternal becomingThese words by Simone de Beauvoir perfectly voice Lansink’s inner thoughts about life and identity. Lansink wonders why we humans often fear the unknown or change. To her ‘it seems only wise to accept that we and the world around us will be continuously different. And yet, we humans seem to refuse this simple notion.

With her newest series ‘Friction’, that can be seen as a sequel of ‘Body Maps’, Lansink calls for an embrace of the unavoidable change and impermanence of life. She has photographed professional ballet dansers who had to retire at the age of 35 and the rough nature of Death Vally in California where time and therefore age plays no role. With subsequently connecting the two, she encourages us to flow with the ever-changing world. Lansink believes that ‘in change beauty is to be found. Beauty to rekindle our thoughts, our ideas, our (human) connections, our society, our bond with Nature and most importantly our self.