New Japanese Photography in 1990s

The Resonance of Unconsciousness
softcover 80 pages
Publisher: Yokohama Civic Art Gallery
Dimensions: 225 x 300 mm

This is a catalogue accompaniying the exhibition 'New Japanese Photography in 1990s: The Resonance of Unconsciousness' held in 1996 in Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, curated by Toshiharu Ito, who also wrote the introduction. Artists in this exhibition were: Toshio Shibata, Seiichi Furuya, Michiko Kon, Yoshihiko Ueda, Naoya Hatekayama, Eiji Ina, Kyoji Takahashi, Hitoshi Fugo, Kou Inose, Seiji Kurata and Ryuji Miyamoto.


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New Japanese Photography in 1990s: The Resonance of Unconsciousness
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