Monkey Puzzle - Yoko Ikeda

Yoko Ikeda, 2015
hardcover 52 pages
ISBN: 9781590054215
Dimensions: 327 x 305 mm

"Neither record nor exploration, the 44 photographs in Yoko Ikeda’s Monkey Puzzle come together to form an imaginary world loosely based on commonplace, even banal, subjects. Made in locations as far-flung as Utrech, Kortrijk and Aga Town, these highly evocative images are at once ominous and inviting, uncanny in their ability to coax the unexpected from the known." 


-Excerpt from publisher


Yoko Ikeda’s Monkey Puzzle presents the most recent body of work published by the Japanese photographer. Published by Nazreli Press this beautifully bound publication portrays a world formed by the ambiguity of the everyday. Within, Ikeda’s imagery subtly stimulates our visual perspective, delicately creating sensations which draw our vision closer to the subjects and their beauty through the application of photography.


first edition, limited edition of 500.


signed copy available.


stock number: NB017

Monkey Puzzle - Yoko Ikeda
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