combat - Miki Nitadori

Miki Nitadori, 2007
softcover 37 pages
Publisher: Bernard Dudoignon
ISBN: 9782952874106
Dimensions: 210 x 210 cm

Miki Nitadori is of Japanese origin, she lived on three continents and speaks three languages. She is a photographer, an artist and a mother, not necessarily in this order. Though her main tool is the camera, her work was never about depicting the surface of reality. It was about the inner self and the interconnectedness of its expressions. Therefore her works were always structured by layers, images upon images, shadows of thoughts, of feelings, floating across the conscious and unconscious landscape of the self. Her pictures are always something, everybody can understand, because they are diving into what the psychologist C.G. Jung called the collective subconscious.

With Combat she moves another step forward: into the iconography of the subconscious. For this Miki Nitadori chose a topic, everybody can relate to: combat. And of course, as in her previous works, it does not mean fight in a shallow, superficial way – it’s not about bearded men dressed in bearskin, hitting at each other with clubs, they should better use for an open fire. Miki Nitadori's combat takes place in everyday life, in the inner self of us all.


first edition.


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combat - Miki Nitadori
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