CAMP 1979 - Keizo Kitajima

Kitajima, Keizo, 2015
softcover 32 pages
Publisher: SUPER LABO
ISBN: 9784905052876
Dimensions: 280 x 216 mm

A true iconoclast of Japanese photography, Keizo Kitajima’s "CAMP 1979" compiles images which document and reflect the exhibitions and social gatherings which took place at the independently run photography gallery CAMP; co-founded by Kitajima, Seiji Kurata and Daido Moriyama. Reflective of Kitajima’s photographic style; grainy and more extreme in the his use of contrast and saturation when compared to his contemporaries such as Moriyama, the images brilliantly re-remember the adrenalin filled exhibitions which explored the limitless possibilities of the accidental. Covering the entire walls with his images, often placed in a grid formation alongside projections, CAMP was a space which embodied the performative and experimental exhibitions of Kitajima himself. This publication allows viewers the opportunity to glimpse back into the iconic monthly shows, presenting an era within Kitamjima’s photographic career which encapsulated a photographic style which has now but evolved since then.


Keizo Kitajima's "CAMP 1979" is available in two different cover designs (A and B).


limited Edition of 800 (A cover:500、B cover:300)


stock number: NB130

CAMP 1979 - Keizo Kitajima
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