Couple Jam - Photographer Hal

Photographer Hal, 2009
softcover with dust jacket 96 pages
Publisher: TOSEI-SHA Publishing Co.,LTD.
Dimensions: 224 x 151 mm

This book was created out of Photographer Hal's interest in the personal dynamic between couples. He says that he started out photographing in Tokyo nightclubs, but found that above everything else he was drawn to the energy he found in couples. However, the lighting of nightclubs made it hard to shoot people well, so he arranged to take pictures of couples at their homes. "Even more so than the bedroom or the restroom," Hal writes in the postscript, "I felt that the bathroom was the most private place in the home for a couple. So I decided to take my photographs with them in the bathtub." The result is an extremely playful look at some of the more exuberant couples of Tokyo. 

"Couple Jam" features loud color, and even louder people in front of the camera. Most of the couples are wearing outrageous outfits, so when they climb into a single bathtub they appear like a single entity of limbs, heels, faces, accessories, hair and the occasional cybernetic tentacle. These are brashly captured expressions of a new generation.


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softcover with dust jacket
Couple Jam - Photographer Hal
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