Nippon gekijo shashincho - Daido Moriyama

Japan: A Photo Theater
Daido Moriyama, Shuji Terayama, 1968
softcover in slipcase 216 pages
Publisher: Muromachi Shobo
Dimensions: 221 x 208

Japan: A Photo Theater, (Nippon Gekijō Shashinchō, にっぽん劇場写真帖) is Daido Moriyama’s first book. It was published in 1968, the year after he had received the New Artist Award from the Japan Photo Critics Association for his series of images of (street) performers published in the monthly photography magazine Camera Mainichi. The book contains these images, mixed with street scenes and other pictures, seemingly chosen at random, giving a glimpse of Moriyama’s world and of what would become his trademark style.


Text by Shuji Terayama 


signed copy in good condition. The spine of the book is discoloured; the slip case has some damage and the upper right corner of the book is slighty folded.


first edition


stock number: AB110

softcover in slipcase
Nippon gekijo shashincho - Daido Moriyama: Japan: A Photo Theater
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