Tyawan - Keiichi Ito

The scape of a Tea Bowl
Keiichi Ito, 2018
soft cover 30 pages
Publisher: self-published
Dimensions: 175 x 231 mm

"The tea ceremony was completed by Sen no Rikyu (1522-1591), which has been successively passed down to now. The Tea Bowl used in the tea ceremony is not only welcoming guests but also important representatives of the host's spirit and authority. In the Warring States Period (1467 - 1590), there was also a Tea Bowl of the same value as one country. 

What is such a Tea Bowl?

What is hiding in such a Tea Bowl?

I want to know that.

In this Tea Bowl collection, I photographed Tea Bowl with a large 4x5 film camera. And I am making works by platinum/palladium printing on traditional Japanese hand made paper." - Keiichi Ito's artist statement


handmade and self-published artist book on Japanese paper and binding.


stock number: NB186

soft cover
Tyawan - Keiichi Ito: The scape of a Tea Bowl
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