climates II - Lola Reboud

Special edition with an original print with gold leaf
Lola Reboud, 2017
hardcover in box 18 pages
Publisher: Poursuite
Dimensions: 297 x 212 mm

'Climates II' tells a story of the relationship we have with Climate as a Human Environment. Following exchanges with the volcanologist Patrick Allard, Reboud travelled in the Kyushu region in Japan to photograph the volcanic sites of Sakurajima and Aso San, as well as the city of Beppu; some of the places on the planet where geothermal energy is particularly visible. Her eyes focused on the data of scientific observation laboratories that constantly record the beats and natural rhythms of the two volcanoes Sakurajima and Aso San, then on the volcanoes themselves. This photographic ensemble forms a narrative in which a human figure and their environment are connected. Text by Mariko Takeuchi.


Limited special edition of 10, with an original print with gold lead added by the artist. Choice between 2 images (see sample pages). The special edition is housed in a box designed by Laurel Parker.


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hardcover in box
climates II - Lola Reboud: Special edition with an original print with gold leaf
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