'Perfectly Imperfect': Kawauchi Rinko (1972)


Kawauchi Rinko is a world renowned celebrated contemporary photographer, known for her poetic depictions of everyday life, soft palette, and carefully edited photo books. 


Not Kawauchi’s photographic techniques evoke a feeling of wabi-sabi, but her choice of subjects. Kawauchis work focuses on ordinary things and everyday situations. Her photographs attain their specific quality through her choice of perspective as well as the subtle use of natural light in combination with often virtually transparent colours. Kawauchi works in series, which, in the form of open narratives, combine poetry and emotion with representations of mortality and occasional melancholy.


Whatever her mood, Rinko Kawauchi says that taking pictures is an integral part of her life: she seizes upon anything that strikes her; the nature around her, insects, children, animals, tiny scraps of ordinary life that embody – more often than not – the ephemeral. She is a master in capturing the beauty of fleeting moments.