Chloé Jafé


Chloé Jafé (1984, Lyon) is a French artist and a photographer trained at the École de Condé in Lyon and at the UAL Central Saint Martins School in London.

She has been able to create a unique personal voice in the world of documentary photography. Those close to her say bluntly that she photographs with her gut, using the camera as a key to understanding the strange and the foreign. Her obsession and intuition has enabled her to access secret worlds. Her ability to connect to her subjects has meant her work really is exceptionally personal – the world through Chloe Jafes eyes.

She worked and immersed herself in Japan and Japanese culture from 2013-2019 creating a trilogy of work. The images are raw, black and white, tender and ferocious. She reveals an unprecedented vision of hidden parts of Japanese society. 


Her trilogy, composed of the chapters “I give you my life", "Okinawa mon amour" and "How I met Jiro", highlights the little-known and subversive sides of an archipel where modesty is paramount.

Critically acclaimed, her work on the women of Yakuza was rewarded by the Bourse du Talent in 2017 and exhibited at the Bibliotèque nationale de France.