Ariko Inaoka (b. 1975, Kyoto, Japan) not only pursues personal photographic projects but also manages her family business, her ancestral restaurant in Kyoto that has been running since 1465.


Her series ‘Eagle and Raven’ that will be on display at IBASHO, was created in Iceland, a place where Inaoka connects with her childhood memories.


“Erna and Hrefna, means Eagle and Raven in Icelandic. I met them when they were six years old while I was photographing my previous landscape project, SOL. I photographed them between the ages of nine and sixteen. I often hear that identical twins have telepathic connections between them, and I feel it is true with Erna and Hrefna, as I have never seen such a strong harmony between any two human beings. Once they told me, “We dream the same dreams together.” This one phrase returned to me again and again, becoming a leitmotif for this project. I interpreted what they told me, as something akin to Japanese Shintoism describing kami (god) existing in all elements. When we connect with anything harmoniously-- nature, animals, humans and stars-- we are dreaming same dream together. Telepathic power is one of the many inexplicable things in this world. However, being with Erna and Hrefna leads me to believe that we have more natural power in us than we actually know.”

The accompanying book ‘Eagle and Raven’ is published by Akaaka and is launched during the exhibition.

She is one of the artists of the exhibition "10/10 Celebrating Contemporary Japanese Women Photographers" during KYOTOGRAPHIE 2022.

She is invited to exhibit at Gerðuberg Library and Cultural Center in Reykjavik, Iceland for two months in November, 2022.