Masanori Ikeda was born in Yokohama, 1978. He started in 1999 with publishing activities at 'Drag-out Studio', where he started working and producing the portrait series 'Holiday photo gallery' in 2003. He founded the photo studio 'Yukai Studio' and established 'Yukai' Co., Ltd. in 2006.


Statement 'Double Nature':


'For several years now I've been focusing on 'nature' themed photographs that I exhibit in the spatial settings of installations. Whenever I see a beautiful landscape, I capture it in a photograph or painting. The impression of something I see for the very first time is crucial, and makes me feel like owning that scenery in an eternal shape. I am using the aquarium in my atelier to create 'ideal sceneries' that exist inside myself. It's quite a fascinating world in which I can build little ecosystems with rocks, driftwood and waterweed. I finally take photos of these, and as it turns out, the results look almost like landscape paintings, thanks to the 'living paint' in the form of waterweed.'

His work is included in the collections of Toyota Municipal Museum of Art and FOTOGRAFISK CENTER in Copenhagen among others.