Eiji Ohashi was Born in Hokkaido, Japan, 1955. He worked from 1984 to 2006 in Nepal and Pakistan and photographed in Tibet and the Chinese Western Regions.


Artist Statement on the series 'Roadside Lights':

'Existence of …

As dusk approaches, roadside vending machines light up in cities and in the outskirts. These scenes of vending machines, ordinarily standing on the roadside, are particular to Japan. The vending machines downtown or in the wilderness, placed to stand in solitude, are an image of loneliness. They work tirelessly, whether it is day or night. But once their sales drop, they are taken away. If they do not glow and shine, they will stop existing. There might be something human about them.'



Ohashi won awards such as NIKATEN, between 1991-2005 he won these for 5 times, also won 11 times the JPS Award between 1990-2005. In 2016 the Moscow international photo awards. In 2017 he won the Photo-eye Best Books and was in the Top50 Critical Mass. After he won the Higashikawa International Photo Festival Special Photographer Prize in 2018.