TADA was born in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, 1981. In 2007 he joined 'Yukai Studio',Tokyo, led by photographer Ikeda Aki. TADA has worked constantly for 6 years to explore the possibility of various photographic expressions, such as portrait and still life. He also works as a videographer.


TADA's series 'Anonymous Scene' is capturing seemingly mundane scenes that reveal the unexpected beauty of city life that one normally doesn't notice. 


Artist statement:


Capturing what we see through a lens.

Extremely roughly said, this is what the action of photographing is all about. Only after looking at the things or the scenery in front of me, I start considering photographing in this place, so "to gaze" might be the first step.

It's rather silly to say this as it is too obvious, but without looking, I won't photograph. Photographs are what the person who made them once saw and they are also a proof that he or she experienced certain places or things.


It's been about 15 years since the number of sales of digital cameras surpassed that of film cameras. No matter how much machines evolve, its fundamental part cannot change by all means.


Apparently the digital technology and photography are very well suited to each other, the progress of the photographing equipments is as we all know.

Even in the darkness where we wouldn't be able to walk without light, now we can photograph as if it's daytime without exaggeration, so I realised that the night sky I used to think was pitch black, was actually deep deep blue.

But still, I got to know it indirectly through photographs, I still cannot gaze that blue no matter how hard I might try. It doesn't mean that our physical function has been expanded.


Capturing what we see, this was supposed to be photography.

If so, I wonder whose point of view this deep blue of the night sky belongs to.