Motohiro Takeda’s (b. 1982, Japan, lives in New York, USA) forte lies in camera-less photography. 


During his studies at Parsons The New School For Design he became fascinated by the camera obscura and the idea of being inside the camera. After spending a lot of time with experimenting with this type of camera-less photography he started creating his series ‘Invitations’, consisting of self-portraits on multiple sheets of chromogenic paper, resulting in very large unique works of 2.5 x 2.5 meters. The red colour is  the colour of the sunlight as registered by the chromogenic paper and the white silhouettes represent the force of life present in the human shape. For Takeda the views from the window represent the outside world and the room is the representation of his personal inner space, the subjective reality of his mind. 


His series ‘Another Sun’ was the result of a discovery by Takeda of an accidental registration of the sun on the photographic paper hanging in his apartment. He realised that he wanted to create a series around the source of the creation of his large portraits, following the cycle of the seasons. This series reflects the changes in nature as well as the changes in Takeda’s personal life.


As of 2007 Takeda’s work has been exhibited in group shows in the US, Spain and Japan. A solo show was held in 2010 in Pamplona, Spain and in 2017 at IBASHO.