Tatsuki was born 1937 in Tokushima into a family that operates an old and established portrait studio. He graduated from the Tokyo Professional School of Photography (now Tokyo Polytechnic University) in 1958.

He joined Adcenter as a photographer when the agency was first established, and went freelance in 1969. Tatsuki's name entered the limelight when he was just 26 years old with the publication of A fallen angel, an astonishing 56 pages feature of his photographs shots for In 1965, in the photography magazine Camera Mainichi. Composed by Makoto Wada, and with poems by Shuji Terayama and explanatory notes by Shinichi Kusamori, it was a bold editorial that received a great response, and came to be known as a "phenomenon in the history of postwar photography" still today.

Tatsuki has worked on the  front lines of the advertising, magazine, publishing, and motion picture industries. He has published a particularly large number of works addressing female subjects. His best-known works include GIRL, EVES, Private Mariko Kaga, Aoi Toki, My America, and Portrait of Family.