#09 Sakura - Yoshinori Mizutani

7 April - 8 May 2016

IBASHO is proud to present the world premiere of Yoshinori Mizutani's latest work. In his series 'Sakura' Mizutani presents an unusual and mesmerizing view on one of the most sacred Japanese themes, the cherry blossom. Abstract and graphic black and white photographs of the classic 'birds on a wire' are the theme of the series 'Kawau'. We will also showcase works from Mizutani's successful series 'Tokyo Parrots' and 'Yusurika'.

I have a growing interest in birds inhabiting Tokyo since I completed my previous series ‘Tokyo Parrots’. ‘KAWAU’, which is a Japanese term for cormorant, composes the second part of my trilogy on birds. Similar to the parakeets captured in ‘Tokyo Parrots’, kawau has increased dramatically in number over the past decade and now their over population is causing troubles to the human life as well as local ecosystem in several parts of the country. Despite their reported negative impact and reputation, it is breathtaking to watch a big flock of birds, and through my photography I want to reveal their existence, which makes our everyday urban landscape somehow surreal.'

Cherry blossoms are so beautiful that I don’t think I’ve spent as much time looking at anything else. Facing a sakura tree, my eyes shift from one petal to another, from one flower to another until the whole picture is grasped. In ‘Sakura’, I attempt to visualize the move of my observing eyes, and crystallize the visual experience of meditating and wandering upon the blooming tree. As a result, the images shows that photography captures not only a specific moment, but also the passing of time.'