through the waves - Nao Manabe

Nao Manabe, 2019
softcover in slipcase
through the waves - Nao Manabe
Publisher: Irie Taikichi Award Executive Committee
Dimensions: 200 x 225 mm
Pages: 186
isbn-13: 978-4-9909358-1-8
€ 28.30

This book was published when Nao Manabe won the Irie Taikichi Award. The director of the Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography, Shunji Dodo has stated: "Her works make me feel as if I am swinging in a breeze, on a shining cradle, which is made of waves. After studying in Hawaii when she was a high school student, Manabe travelled between Japan and Hawaii. She was inspired by the people and the land of Hawaii and she extracted the seeds of the works from inside herself, not from the rich outside world which she saw and felt."


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