Roadside Lights - Eiji Ohashi

Special Edition Box Vol. II
Eiji Ohashi, 2019
24 Offset prints + Press coating in box
Roadside Lights - Eiji Ohashi: Special Edition Box Vol. II
Publisher: Case Publishing
Dimensions: 300 × 255 mm
Pages: 24
€ 254.72

The latest photobook in Eiji Ohashi’s series of vending machines in Japan is composed of 24 images, including previously unpublished works from “Roadside Lights” (2017) and “Roadside Lights Special Edition Box” (2018). High-quality prints with glossy finish further enhance the vivid colors in Ohashi’s vending machine sceneries.

Limited edition of 100.


Available are no's 24/100 and 25/100


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