Seduction - Kenro Izu

Kenro Izu, 2017
Seduction - Kenro Izu
Publisher: Damiani Editori
Dimensions: 300 x 240 mm
Pages: 175
ISBN-13: 978-88-6208-579-3
€ 45.28

When Kenro Izu is taking photographs, he finds himself constantly challenged by a seductive voice urging him to make a “nice picture.” And Izu’s photographs are gorgeous―the artist, inspired by 19th-century photography methods, has been working with a large-format camera since 1983, making detailed, lustrous contact prints on hand-coated platinum palladium paper. A master technician, Izu is considered one of the greatest living platinum printers. But taking “nice pictures” is not what Izu sets out to do.

The photographer aims instead to capture something of the spirit or inner life of his chosen subject―whether it be a still life or an ancient, sacred monument. Izu describes this tension between capturing the essence and beauty of the subject as an “effort to hold myself at the very edge (before falling into the dark hole of seduction).”

Kenro Izu: Seduction presents the results of these efforts: photographs by Izu of fruits, plants and human figures, all made with a large-format film camera and contact printed in platinum from 8×10 to 14×20-inch negatives.

The book is introduced by Eikoh Hosoe.


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