A City Aglow - Shunji Dodo

Shunji Dodo, 2019
A City Aglow - Shunji Dodo
Publisher: Case Publishing
Dimensions: 225 × 225 mm
Pages: 304
ISBN-13: 978-4-908526-33-6
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'A City Aglow' is a warm, dizzying, up-close and overwhelming portrait of Thailand's capital city of Bangkok, photographed by Japanese street-photographer Shunji Dodo during numerous visits between the mid-1980s and 2019. Drawing parallels to his experiences of downtown Osaka during his childhood after the war, Dodo became fascinated by Bangkok and the warmth, liveliness and ingenuity of its residents. Focusing on a single city, Dodo's 'A City Aglow' provides an encompassing, unweary look at life's universal force to continue, no matter the circumstances. 'A City Aglow' includes an extensive afterword by Shunji Dodo as well as a short essay by Tate Senior Curator Yasufumi Nakamori in Japanese and English translation.


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