20 Year Anniversary - TOP Collection: Scrolling through Heisei

Exhibition catalogue
20 Year Anniversary - TOP Collection: Scrolling through Heisei: Exhibition catalogue
Publisher: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
Dimensions: 296 x 213 mm
Pages: 158
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This catalogue was published in connection with the exhibition “TOP Collection: Scrolling Through Heisei” by The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum in 2017. Over the years, the museum has held many exhibitions that introduce the permanent collection through various themes. “TOP Collection: Scrolling Through Heisei” was a year-long exhibition in which a single theme was carried through three parts in series. The theme of the year’s series—the first since the museum re-opened—was “Heisei.” Reflecting on the span of the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, we might ask ourselves how artists related to their age and their society, and what forms their works took. Looking at photography through the theme of Heisei, is it possible to find something “Heisei-like”?  

Perhaps the values, modes of thought and consciousness specific to this era can be brought into relief by scrolling through it, in the way that we would look at a screen, or indeed at a long scroll painting. Looking through the expression of contemporary Japanese artists can bring to light the social and cultural situation in the background of this work. The exhibition introduced contemporary Japanese photographic works selected from among the more than 34,000 items in the museum’s collection.


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