Sunlanders - Sean Lotman

Sean Lotman, 2016
Sunlanders - Sean Lotman
Publisher: Bemojake
Dimensions: 245 x 297 mm
Pages: 80
ISBN-13: 978-0-9562470-9-4
€ 37.74

Sean Lotman’s photographs of Japan immerse us in his imagination and interpretation of reality in a land he has come to call home. His photographs encapsulate his existence in Japan, as a person who is intrinsically bound to his surroundings, yet still exists as a foreigner. His photographs are at times psychedelic, transposing what he sees to photographs as a maelstrom of mystery and wonder.
Sunlanders is not a static document of Japan. Nor is it a journal or contest of image making. Rather, it is an exploration of existence, a dive in to a world unknown in suspended reality, imbued in colour and fascination.
Lotman is a master printer. Each image in the book has been reproduced from carefully hand printed C-Type prints in the darkroom. Following the process of making photographs from the moment of capture to the final print has allowed Lotman to instill his own subjective reality in to physical images.

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