TRYADHVAN - Eriko Koga

Eriko Koga, 2016
TRYADHVAN - Eriko Koga
Publisher: AKAAKA Art Pubiblishing
Dimensions: 210 x 260
Pages: 116
ISBN-13: 978-4-86541-055-6
€ 68.87

Tryadhvan is a buddhist word in Sanskrit that expresses the three worlds (the world of the past, the world of the present, the world of the future). What is my own existence, what is the source of that life? Those are questions that arise when looking through old family albums, through family registers. Photos, by stepping into and freely wandering in the stream of time, allow confronting with a self that lets go of one’s self. While creating this book, the destination that Eriko Koga travelled to was within her own self, and from there, the limitless time between the three worlds.

A delicate book in which time lives and breathes between the pages, bound in traditional Japanese style, in sealed-page printing.


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