The Pencil of the Sun: New Edition - Shomei Tomatsu

Shomei Tomatsu, 2015
two softcover books in a slipcase
The Pencil of the Sun: New Edition - Shomei Tomatsu
Publisher: AKAAKA Art Publishing
Dimensions: 257 x 227 mm
Pages: book 1: 280; book 2: 152
€ 84.91

Shomei Tomatsu's The Pencil of the Sun: New Edition Photographs brings together a collection of previously presented and unpublished images from the original 1975 publication as well as photographs from Shomei Tomatsu's later body of work. 

This new publication is a welcome addition to the critical collection of published works by Shomei Tomatsu, allowing viewers to once again engage and encounter Tomatsu's visual reality; a narrative which captured Japan's post-war experiences as a society and a message that remains as relevant and contemporary within Japan's current social and political climate.

Originally published by Mainichi Newspapers; this new edition, brought together by Akaaka Art Publishers, makes available the iconic photobook as a two book set publication encased within a slipcase. Texts are only available in Japanese.


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