Pequeñas Melodias - Albarrán Cabrera

Photographs: Angel Albarrán, Anna Cabrera | Music: Federico Durand, 2018
Pequeñas Melodias - Albarrán Cabrera
Publisher: IIKKI
Dimensions: 220 x 240 mm
Pages: 96
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Pequeñas Melodías by photographers Albarrán Cabrera is an exquisite piece of work produced by IIKKI, a French project which is the result of a dialog between a visual artist and a music artist. Accompanied by nine pieces of music from Federico Durand, the project recommends that you experience the work in one of 3 ways. The book by itself alone, the music by itself alone or the book and the music together.

The book, like a vinyl record, has an A side and a B side. Each piece of music compliments the nine sections of the book. These ambient field-like recordings bring each section to life. It’s difficult to know if the music was inspired by the photographers, or vice versa. There are hints throughout of space, time, gardens, beauty, peace and stillness in the outdoors. The images are produced using a wide range of old photographing processes in conjunction with more modern twists.


edition of 500 copies, hand numbered & hand stamped.


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