Water Mirror - Risaku Suzuki

Risaku Suzuki, 2017
Water Mirror - Risaku Suzuki
Publisher: Case Publishing
Dimensions: 260 x 330 mm
Pages: 112
ISBN-13: 978-4-908526-13-8
€ 78.30

After Suzuki’s previous works were devoted to studies of Southern France’s Mt. St. Victoire or the atelier of Paul Cezanne, to images of cherry blossoms and snowfall, and - of course - to the lifelong documentation of his hometown Kumano, Suzuki’s latest photobook “Water Mirror” consists of 46 images that take the surface of water as their chosen subject.

The book is a condensation of all that makes Suzuki’s photography so appealing: his profound ruminations on the subject of photography itself and the continuous questioning of what it means to “look”. With its luscious, thoughtful images, Water Mirror invites its reader on a voyage of perceptions unlike anything seen before.

Concluding the book is an afterword by Japanese art critic Yuri Mitsuda (Japanese & English).


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