The Fourth Wall - Hiroyuki Takenouchi

Hiroyuki Takenouchi, 2017
The Fourth Wall - Hiroyuki Takenouchi
Publisher: T&M projects
Dimensions: 257 x 182 mm
Pages: 130
ISBN-13: 978-4-909442-03-1
€ 51.89

Hiroyuki Takenouchi has set his sights on presenting audiences with metropolitan landscapes; scenes of nature full of flowers and flora; nonchalant depictions of daily life around him; and his distinct clique of friends. By directing one’s line of sight directly at the subject, Takenouchi confronts the viewer with the loneliness and alienation of youth, a sense of unease and doubt towards the way he or she perceives normal objects, asks “What is diversity?” “What is the artificial?” and attempts to lay bare the true essence that lies dormant within all things.


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