Little World - Hiromi Kakimoto

Hiromi Kakimoto, 2016
Little World - Hiromi Kakimoto
Publisher: iki
Dimensions: 150 x 115 mm
Pages: 60
ISBN-13: 9791095601043
€ 9.43

A Photographic Hopscotch

My two feet on the ground, I observe Hiromi’s photographs.
I toss a pebble in square 1
1, for a paper plane in search of a cloud
Then, I hop on squares 2 and 3
2, for two whirling dresses under wisteria
3, for three black-winged dragonflies gliding over the white sand
I levitate over squares 4 and 5
Two starfishes unfold and two others hide to make four
While five balloons multiply and invade the whole space
I fall back on my feet on square 6
Six fishes, five prisoners and one free as the wind
Squares 7 and 8 are springboards. I am ready to fly
Seven spinning feathers
And eight thistles dressed in cotton
I take flight towards Heaven, the blue space of imagination
Welcome into the hopscotch, into Hiromi Kakimoto’s photographs.

Sophie Cavaliero


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