The Provoke Generation

Rebels in a turbulent time
black over cherry box, with 2 colour and 76 B&W collotype prints
The Provoke Generation: Rebels in a turbulent time
Publisher: Benrido
Dimensions: sheet size: 203 x 255 mm, box size: 281 x 234 x 94 mm
€ 3301.89

Collotype Portfolio Box “The Provoke Generation” presents the historical scope, importance and influence of the Provoke movement. Published by Benrido and produced in collaboration with Project Basho, co-founders of the Japanese Photography Project.


67The portfolio features the work of six photographers who were directly involved with or shaped by the ideas associated to Provoke, and have ultimately come to represent the creative pinnacle of Japanese photography. Featuring Daido Moriyama, Takuma Nakahira, Yutaka Takahashi to Miyako Ishiuchi, Kazuo Kitai and Hitomi Watanabe, each artist portfolio offers viewers a deep engagement with the practices and careers of each photographer. Printed in collotype by the artisans of Kyoto's Benrido Atelier, the portfolio includes texts by Kotaro Iizawa, Ryuichi Kaneko, Simon Baker and John W. Dower.


limited edition of 38 deluxe sets

available is number  XIV/XXXVIII of the deluxe box set of 2 colour and 76 B&W collotype prints, with a signed cover print by Daido Moriyama


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