Ango - Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama, 2017
hardcover in slipcase
Ango - Daido Moriyama
Publisher: bookshop M
Dimensions: 240 x 165 mm
Pages: 188
ISBN-13: 978-4-908647-09-3
€ 60.38

“In the old times, before the capital changed from Kyoto to Tokyo, cherry trees were considered a frightful sight. No one thought them a sign of beauty. […] Without a trace of human life beneath it, a cherry in full bloom becomes a fearful sight.”

The fifth instalment of Match & Company’s “Japanese Photography x Contemporary Literature” series.
In “Daido Moriyama: Ango”, Daido Moriyama’s frightening photographs of cherry trees are set to Ango Sakaguchi’s famous short-story “In the Forest, Beneath Cherries in Full Bloom”.

The “demonic beauty of the cherry blossoms” of Moriyama and Sakaguchi turn into a jet-black photobook of bottomless loneliness, emptiness and dangerous seduction.


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