Circus of Showa Japan, 1956-1957 - Akira Tanno

Akira Tanno, 2015
softcover with dust jacket
Circus of Showa Japan, 1956-1957 - Akira Tanno
Publisher: Zen Foto Gallery
Dimensions: 293 x 220 mm
Pages: 88
ISBN-13: 9784905453369
€ 52.83

Published by Zen Foto Gallery, Akira Tanno's Circus of Showa Japan, 1956-1957 is the last body of work to have been published during Tanno's lifetime. Having passed away as the publication went to press, Circus of Showa Japan, 1956-1957 presents a singularly unique photographic body of work which re-collects the images Tanno captured five years after his photographic career began,ayear before his exhibition within the 1957 photographic exhibition Eyes of Ten and prior to his formation of the photographic collective VIVO. The images within capture a period in Japan's social history which documents the now no longer seen Japanese 'Circus' which were active during Japan's early post war years since the kyokuba-dan. Illustrated within the 88 pages are the theatrical performances, acrobats, lions leaping through flames, to feats of balance all performed amazements looked on by the wonderment of the crowd in awe and in innocence, a time kept alive through memory and image, viewed in retrospect from today's world that is all but dominated by our mass consumption of media and entertainment.


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