Shizen - Toru Morimoto

Toru Morimoto, 2020
soft cover
Shizen - Toru Morimoto
Publisher: Origini edizioni
Dimensions: 240 x 450 mm
Pages: 36
€ 66.04

Once again this small scale italian publishing house, Origini edizioni, goes back to the East, to Japan. This time its research leads us to deepen the relationships of this culture with Nature: relationships that seem ambivalent and contradictory to us. It is adored, mythologised and at the same time sacrificed and violated to the needs of the user and cementing. SHIZEN (Nature) is a book that remains suspended between the branches of its veils, its light papers, traditional and fleeting panoramas that run between the fingers of the reader like a silk thread.

Photos by Toru Morimoto
Project and handcrafted realisation by Origini edizioni
Text by Matilde Vittoria Laricchia
English translations by Massimiliano Barachini
130 trade edition copies numbered and signed
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