Theatre of Love

Guimet Photographic Collection
2 hand-colored and 18 black and white prints is housed in purple clothbound cover
Theatre of Love: Guimet Photographic Collection
Publisher: Benrido
Dimensions: box size: 308 x 230 x 23 mm, print size: 300 x 221 mm
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“Theatre of Love” brings together a specially curated selection from the Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts. The portfolio reveals the traditions, rituals and cultures of the courtesans and pleasure workers within the famous 'Yukaku' (pleasure districts) of Edo's Yoshiwara and Kyoto's Shimabara in 19th century Japan. These designated pleasure districts played a major role in the conservative Edo society, as it was a place where samurai, wealthy merchants and commoners could meet with the working women. Seen through the eyes of photographers who both lived and travelled to Japan during the 19th century, the selection of images reintroduces these unique and invaluable prints in collotype.

The immersive limited edition of 2 hand-colored and 18 black and white prints is housed in a purple clothbound cover and includes an introduction by Jerome Ghesquiere, head of photography collections at the Guimet.


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