Photopaper 44/45 - Mikiko Hara

Mikiko Hara, 2019
soft cover
Photopaper 44/45 - Mikiko Hara
Publisher: Kasseler Fotografie Festival gemeinn├╝tzige UG
Dimensions: 290 x 210
Pages: 32
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I cannot see the dreams of the person who is gone
After all, I never dream myself
Maybe I saw them, but I forgot
The person who is gone dreamt often
Green evening light, a misplaced bag, a bookstore on a bright evening,
the last station of an aerial lift, being chased by a soldier carrying a machine gun,
the shallows of a river or ocean on a summer day, a snake-like fish climbing
up a rock, a person coming down from a skylight, rain coming
down in sheets, a mother without a face …
They often told me of their dreams
Then they were gone
I cannot see the dreams of the person who is gone

— Mikiko Hara —

(Translation from the original Japanese text by Daniel Abbe)


This is Mikiko Hara's latest publication, published by PHOTOPAPER, a new kind of monographic photo publication. All images are from Hara's series 'Kyrie' taken between 2014 and 2018.


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