Jubilee - Mayumi Hosokura

Mayumi Hosokura, 2017
Jubilee - Mayumi Hosokura
Publisher: artbeat publishers
Dimensions: 293 x 214 mm
Pages: 108
ISBN-13: 978-4-902080-61
€ 41.51

The photobook Jubilee consists of works by Japanese photographer Mayumi Hosokura taken between 2012 and 2017. Taken in East Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, China and more, Hosokura’s images depict fragments of urban and rural landscapes, nude bodies, surfaces, textures, details and shapes.

“The extraordinary skill and view to depict the delicate and fragile beauty of the subject matter has been acknowledged to be one of the most talented Japanese female photographers of our age.[…] sometimes through the natural light or color filters, all the images are treated equally, yet transforming and being reborn within a very quiet but heated rhythm and beat underneath.”


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