Self and Others - Shigeo Gocho

Shigeo Gocho, 1994
hardcover with obi
Self and Others - Shigeo Gocho
Publisher: Mirai-sha
Dimensions: 235 x 205mm
Pages: 114
isbn: 4624710630
€ 86.96

First published by Miraisha in 1977, Shigeo Gocho's re-publication of the iconic Self and Others is a photobook that provides the opportunity for viewers to both revisit and be introduced to the seminal body of work by Shigeo Gocho. Having lived a short but remarkable life from 1946-1983, Gocho's photographic works stay available within the public realm in only three photographic publications. Amongst his photobooks, Familar Street Scenes (1981) and Days (1971), it is Gocho's Self and Others which presented a highly intimate reflection of the photographers own life and experiences.


2nd edition


excellent condition with obi.


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