Eternal Flux - Kazuumi Takahashi

Kazuumi Takahashi, 2016
soft cover
Eternal Flux - Kazuumi Takahashi
Publisher: iki
Dimensions: 150 x 115 mm
Pages: 60
ISBN-13: 979-10-95601-01-2
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Gravity makes the Earth revolve around the Sun, the Moon around the Earth; it also creates waves and tides, makes water fall on Earth. This water, heated by the Sun, evaporates before turning once again into rain; under the action of gravity, it goes back to the sea, in a complete cycle. In Japanese Buddhism, the concept of rinnetenshô, or metempsychosis, also holds that the human soul goes through a cycle of reincarnations.

Kazuumi Takahashi wishes to make these patterns visible, to allow the viewer to sense them directly. Born in a family of fishermen, the artist has always been attuned to the rhythms of the universe, to the course of water, to ebb and flow. The sea has been to him an “original landscape”, at the very core of his earliest memories.

With this book, he invites us for a spiritual journey along the coastlines of Japan, in the heart of Nature’s cycles, with no beginning nor end, in an eternal flux.

 - Valérie Douniaux/Kazuumi Takahashi


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