Small things in silence - Masao Yamamoto

Masao Yamamoto, 2020
Small things in silence - Masao Yamamoto
Publisher: RM
Dimensions: 300 x 240 mm
Pages: 132
ISBN-13: 978-84-17975-01-2
€ 47.17

A new edition of Yamamoto’s much-loved photographic homage to the precarious, the delicate and the humble, with new images and a redesigned cover.

Small Things in Silence surveys the 20-year career of one of Japan's most important photographers. Yamamoto's portraits, landscapes and still lifes are made into small, delicate prints, which the photographer frequently overpaints, dyes or steeps in tea. Edited and sequenced by Yamamoto himself, this volume includes images from each of the photographer's major projects―Box of Ku, Nakazora, Kawa and Shizuka―as well as installation shots of some of Yamamoto's original photographic installations, and, in this new edition, seven new images and a new cover. In the words of Yamamoto himself: "I try to capture moments that no one sees and make a photo from them. When I see them in print, a new story begins."


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