The Concept of Ma - Margaret Lansink

Margaret Lansink, 2021
The Concept of Ma - Margaret Lansink
Publisher: self-published
Dimensions: 148 x 295 mm
Pages: 20
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In her latest series Lansink investigates the Japanese concept of Ma as a response to the confinement and isolation experienced the past year due to the Corona pandemic. In the West, we look at space as creating boundaries, as lines defining edges or borders. What would happen if each one of us could experience Ma; the Japanese concept of viewing space as a pause in time, as an interval or emptiness full of possibilities? Isn’t it also the silence between the notes that makes the music…?

The images in this series Lansink shot in the winter of 2019 in the snowy nature around Lake Kussharo in Hokkaido, the home grounds for the Ainu people (the indigenous tribe of Japan). It is the nothingness in these images that enables Ma to speak to the viewers. To wander away from the direct visual representation and to fill the emptiness with one’s own thoughts.

Images that bring openness to the feeling of being closed off, in which space entails a promise of growth, of happiness, of energy in search of new horizons. Lansink reminds us that what isn’t there provides the ability for everyone’s story to be created. It is the boundaries of space that allow us and all of our ideas, hopes and dreams to come into existence.

20 pg’s 14,8 x 29,5 cm in Japanese bind
- 14 prints 9,3 x 18,6 cm on Torinoko Washi paper 
  mounted on black Ami-paper
- 3 pages Canson calque satin
- 1 page silver metallics paper
folded slip-cover 16 x 30,5 cm of Simili Japon paper
- mounted inside a double page of Canson calque satin

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