Photosynthesis 1978 - 1980 - Keiichi Tahara

Keiichi Tahara, 2016
Photosynthesis 1978 - 1980 - Keiichi Tahara: Min
Publisher: Super Labo
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"These photos come from multiple photo sessions I conducted between 1978-1980 with the dancer Min Tanaka, exploring the relationship between physical light and human body.
We experimented with various types of light, ambiences and seasons. the local was broad, ranging from the metropolitan to the natural; Paris, Rome, New York, Iceland, Bordeux, Tokyo, Kujuu-Kurihana and Akiyoshi-Keikoku. The motive was to observe how a dancer’s body adapts to outer stimuli, or to rephrase it: a human body reaching into the light with its raw skin and nerve endings.
Only sounds of the camera clicking and rewinding film accompanied our steps.

Oddly, this work has been abandoned for 35 years its completion."

- Keiichi Tahara's artist statement


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