SAKURA - Yoshinori Mizutani

special edition with print sakura 014
Yoshinori Mizutani, 2021
soft with vinyl cover
SAKURA - Yoshinori Mizutani: special edition with print sakura 014
Publisher: The (M)├ęditions & IBASHO
Dimensions: 210 x 300 mm
Pages: 96
ISBN-13: 979-10-95424-23-9
€ 301.89

"Cherry blossoms are so beautiful
that I don't think I've spent as much
time looking at anything else

Facing a saura tree
my eyes shift
from one petal to another
from one flower to another
until the whole picture is grasped

I attempt to visualize
the move of my observing eyes
and crystallise the visual experience
of meditating and wandering upon
the blooming tree

As a result 
the images show that
photography captures nog only 
a specific moment
but also the passing of time'

- Yoshinori Mizutani


45 numbered & signed copies with a signed & numbered inkjet print. Choice of 3 images. 


design by Akiko Wakabayashi 

text by Yoshinori Mizutani in English and Japanese

inkjet print Sakura 014 (on Pictorico, Gekko Silver label Plus, 17,3x26 cm)


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