Sein - Issei Suda

signed copy
Issei Suda, 2017
Sein - Issei Suda: signed copy
Publisher: Super Labo
Dimensions: 130 x 187 mm
Pages: 97
ISBN-13: 978-4-908512-03-2
€ 113.21

“To take photographs of whatever I like in moments I choose - this has been the basis of my photography for decades now, and it also applies to this photobook.
It is posters and signboards, the patina of an old shop, dolls and mannequins that catch my eye, immobile things that gather and hide near large buildings and sink deep into the memories of those who pass them by. They are photographic subjects that I simply do not grow tired of even after years. Everyday life is, perhaps, given its shape by these things, framed by them. I imagine that “being” (“Sein” in German) might be a word that points out this shape.”
— from Suda Issei’s statement


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