De Fukushima à Hiroshima - Nadia Anemiche

Anemiche, Nadia, 2021
De Fukushima à Hiroshima - Nadia Anemiche
Publisher: Self published
Dimensions: 200 x 150 mm
Pages: 104
ISBN-13: 978-2-9576610-0-8
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"For a full lunar cycle, I wandered along the streets and alleyways of Japan, across almost four hundred kilometers. There, I invited myself to the autumnal daily lives of nine cities that became the stops of my journey. As if on a treasure hunt, from Fukushima to Hiroshima, I caught on film the colorful clues I stumbled upon on fluke, trying to absorb them. Surprisingly, I never got lost.As I treaded between colors, signs, and improvised and often mimed conversations, everything made sense." Nadia Anemiche


second edition


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