Tokyo: Daido Moriyama & Shomei Tomatsu

Daido Moriyama, Shomei Tomatsu & Simon Baker, 2020
soft cover with slipcase
Tokyo: Daido Moriyama & Shomei Tomatsu
Publisher: Akio Nagasawa Publishing
Dimensions: 183 x 260 mm
Pages: 240
€ 42.46

The catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition "Tokyo: Daido Moriyama, Shomei Tomatsu" scheduled to be held at Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP)  in Paris, June 2020. The exhibition has been repeatedly postponed due to the spread of Covid-19 in France, but can now be visited.

The catalogue is a set of 3 books including Daido Moriyama’s works, Shomei Tomatsu’s works and a booklet with writings by both authors and a text by MEP's curator Simon Baker.


Copies available are signed by Daido Moriyama.


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