Saul Leiter in Stillness - Yumiko Izu

Yumiko Izu, 2020
hard cover with dust jacket
Saul Leiter in Stillness - Yumiko Izu
Publisher: Libro Arte Inc
Dimensions: 300 × 220 mm
Pages: 120
€ 47.17

Fine art photographer Yumiko Izu, who met Leiter in the last years of his life, first began to photograph the interior of his apartments three weeks after his death. She continued to intermittently take photographs for this project through 2019. Izu, whose work is often nuanced with underlying themes of life and death, has artfully captured this lesser-seen side of Leiter with a quiet sensibility. Created from a place of deep respect for the artist, her photographs project a beauty that helps to reveal the soul of the mysterious Leiter. The photobook Saul Leiter in Stillness is a study of spaces dense with Leiter’s lingering presence in which the many stories of his unhurried life are brought into beautiful relief.
“In infinite ways the charming photographs in this book portray the story of an artful and mysterious life.”— Margit Erb, director of the Saul Leiter Foundation

The book includes long essays by Pauline Vermare (photography curator) and Margit Erb (director of the Saul Leiter Foundation) as well as an afterword by the artist.


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